Friday, 29 August 2014

No Internet, No Phone, No contact...No Life?

So my 5 weeks out in the Philippines has come to an end and I am now back in my home in England. As you may have noticed, I haven't blogged due to a lack of internet connection and phone for the whole 5 weeks. I have experienced all sides to the Philippines this year from seeing the poor and impoverish to the insides of some beautiful hotels and seaside escapes. Thank the lovely British weather for a temperature which is withstand-able; after the sticky and humid temperature of the Philippines, I am glad to be feeling clean and fresh. I also thank England for having no cockroaches, very few rodents and for having hot running water with the best showers.

Every time I return from the Philippines, I come back with a fresh perspective on life. Everything I take for advantage is now a luxury which I see that many, many people around the world have to live without everyday. I am so lucky to have been born in a wealthy, western society where I do not have to experience the problems and issues which come with living in a third world country. However, despite these issues, there are so many positives to life in the Philippines. There are countless amounts of people who live without the pressures of the extremely competitive work industry which dominates our society. Instead, Philippino people live as each day comes with the sun shining everyday, getting up late, having midday naps and not worrying about making 'to-do lists' with pointless, never-ending tasks.

Having no internet access for weeks has allowed me to disconnect from the outside world. I have no idea about what has been happening outside of my own little bubble, and as terrible as that sounds that now I have to play catch up on the news and life, I felt the relief and satisfaction of being completely trouble free...besides a few insects and rodents every now and then. But it does bring to mind how dependent we are on technology and being connected with the world. We are all globalized with the internet and I question how much technology I should bring into my own life. Is it unhealthy to have too much? I feel more down-to-earth without it all, but now the pressures of my university course and careers will mean allowing it all back into my life. Will Facebook, Instagram, countless emails and the constant use of the internet turn me completely insane and dependent on it? Oh, just bring back the relaxed and easy life in the Philippines.