Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My 3 Top Designers

Hey guys, my final Vlog for my university course but will definitely be doing more in future just for laughs and giggles. you might want to watch it in full view as videos upload small on here. Enjoy!

Here are the links which you should watch after you've seen this Vlog:

Friday, 13 December 2013

Behind the scenes at Trend Magazine

Have been interning with Trend Magazine Aberdeen for a little while now. Had been feeling out of the Fashion loop and needed to get stuck back in and Trend was the way to go.

It's about Fashion and Modern Living within Aberdeen, generally the way I wish I could live if I wasn't a student and had more money to spend lavishly.

I had previously done the Style File and trend page which was a lot of fun; seeing my own name in a published magazine really felt like an accomplishment being only a student.

And today was my first photoshoot with Trend; so calm, casual and chatty in comparison to previous shoots I had been on. No stress and worry; how utterly fabulous.

And the clothes; just holding brand new designer clothes makes me weak at the knees. I just imagine they are mine for a few hours; feels a shame to let them go.

Couldn't show any outfits or model shots as I can't risk showing any shoots before the next bi-monthly issue has even been released. But here's the team photo, photographer Louise Carnegie bottom left and the latest Trend magazine. Run out to shops and pick one up; it's definitely worth a read.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

10 Jumpsuits to fall in love with

Jumpsuits are a great way to stand out, look amazing and still be warm during this winter season. They are so easy to wear and need little accessorizing. I have collated 10 jumpsuits within this blog post; 5 for everyday wear (above: which could be evening if accessorized) and 5 for evening wear (below: they are too much to transform to day wear).

I can't believe I still haven't got one yet but tried some on in River Island and loved that they hid certain parts of my body which I deem as unattractive (flabby hehe). They really are flattering. So excited to add these to my boxing day shopping.

You could try mixing jumpsuits with a leather jacket and Chelsea boots to make a casual day look. Or combine a clutch bag, stilettos and jewelry to make evening looks. Either way, you'll look stunning.

1st picture box; khaki silk jumpsuit at £29.99, black tie waist jumpsuit from ASOS at £50, Blue check cami jumpsuit ASOS at £35 on sale, black and white leopard print wide leg jumpsuit ASOS at £52.50 on sale, cream chic racer detail jumpsuit ASOS at £45., 2nd Picture box; Animal Baroque print in blue, red and black ASOS at £50, Red jumpsuit ASOS at £55, Black strap detail black jumpsuit ASOS at £50, monochrome unitard with embellishment ASOS at £85 and Rose embellished jumpsuit ASOS at £44.99.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

An interview with Mhairi Taylor...enjoy!

Just my flatmate and I and her lovely items. Don't think of it as product placement at all; just love clothes and wanted to show you someone else's fashion loves instead of my own. Hope you all love Mhairi Taylor's clothes and advice.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Dotty mad!

Bought this top the other day and am obsessed with dots so really want a whole dotty outfit with matching trousers. Combined with the contrasting pink lipstick and blue bag, this is stunning for a day out in the city. Or even combine with sparkly jewelry, clutch and large heels to turn it into evening wear. #Shamazing.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Winter boots

Was seriously doubting Royal Mail during this busy season as my previous parcels hadn't arrived on time. However, these boots arrived on time and just as it starts to snow here in cold Aberdeen. Perfect! The grip and fit is amazing and I have no doubt that they will be warm enough. I know I'm crazy for walking in heels in the winter but I'm vertically challenged hehe.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Prep yourselves...

My flatmate and blogger Mhairi Taylor will be joining me soon for an interview Vlog. Brace yourselves, going to be the perfect mix of fun and fashion in one.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Perfect Christmas Accessories

Hey everyone, had to indulge in buying this gorgeous, embellished, gold clutch bag, jewelled necklace and bracelets. The bag is a key piece which will make amy outfit stand out. So in love and can't believe I got 50% off because I work in Monsoon and Accessorize...yes everyone, be jealous. Had been waiting ages for my paycheque to come through...oh the anticipation!

If you're thinking of a perfect present this Christmas, the season of sparkle ans happiness, then these items will definitely bring a huge smile to any girls face. Have fun shopping for prezzies.

Monday, 18 November 2013

My 10 Favourite coats in my wardrobe

Have been meaning to do this for a while now and have only just had the chance.
I have more than 10 coats and jackets in my wardrobe but really wanted to show some of them. Hope it's not too long.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My first ever Vlog!

This is so embarrassing but oh well! got to do this for university and thought I needed to make it more interesting. I promise that there will be some more serious Vlog's later on with more on fashion etc. Hope it's not too it or hate it like Marmite, either way, here it is:

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sorry sorry sorry

Hi everyone, so sorry there hasnt been a vlog post or any kind of post in a while. Uni work is crazy and i now have two jobs; one at monsoon and one at Trend magazine. All a bit hectic!
And then when i tried to make a vlog, my phone conked out of me...mega annoying.  Well im going to try my best to get a blog/vlog out soon.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Anya Hindmarch...out of this world

The entire show was based around the theme 'out of this world'. So many things sprung to mind but i just imagined the usual runway routine, where models reveal the clothes and their own amazing beauty, and then left the stage and I expected to, perhaps, yawn a few times...I was completely wrong!

This wasn't just a runway show; it was an entire production handled very skillfully by the amazing INCA production company. Tiny lights sparkled off the walls like stars at night and large spheres were suspended from the ceilings with digital images of bags and planets projected onto was so fun and I felt like a child at Disneyland.

Then bags came from the ceilings revealing more of Anya's beautiful work but it was the finale which took my breath away. The last two models walked out and suddenly flew into the sky and caught metallic crisp packet looking bags which were suspended in mid air (obviously not fly for real but attached to rope as humans cannot really fly!!!) Made me wish my mother would have pushed me to do some sort of acrobatic sport as a child so that I could have been the envy of everyone watching.

As for the bags, there were colours of blue, orange, and white mixed with snake skin and bags shaped as spheres with swirly patterns on them so they imitated small planets. Though the metallic crisp packet bag was my favourite; Anya Hindmarch had even collaborated with Walkers crisps to create her own personal crisp packets!

This show has definitely made a big impression in my mind. Best show I've seen eveeeeerrrr!!!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Temperley S/S14

Had been earlier to the test and hadn't seen any of the collection so my anticipation had been growing and growing and I was about to expolde! The show was held at the Savoy so to me, who knew that the Savoy was one of the best hotels in London, I had been jumping and clapping to myself when I realised I had the opportunity to work backstage there- oh the lifestyles of the rich and famous! I knew that this show would be truly glamorous.

I walked into the large room designated for backstage which had enough room to cartwheel in several times, and I had to contain my excitement. It was exciting enough that I was at the Savoy, but there were also touch screen remotes embedded in the walls; no idea what they were for but could have played around with them if it not for my boss glaring at me in disapproval. I mean why were they not covered and protected if I couldn't touch them? Something tells me I would have been allowed to have just little play, hehe.

Now, this is a collection which left me 'oohing' and 'ahhhhing'. The models were so pretty and sweet in the dresses which were covered in light floral and simple animal print in colours of  pink, lilac and white. I thought 'what an odd combination of prints to mix' but they looked so beautiful that I think I'm going to attempt to copy and see if I can pull it off along the high street. Wonder if I'll get some strange looks.

As for the hair, it was up and twisted and turned and flipped...way too complicated for me to explain. I'm no professional hairdresser. And nails were again nude...I swear designers love the nude shades of nails. And make up defined the eye sockets and had hints of lilac with lots of mascara which only emphasized the models beauty with fresh glowing skin. Definitely think I will try and sneak in a quick make over at the end of the next show...yeh right, if I'm lucky.

Oh Alice Temperley, just be my best friend and make clothes for me!?!?!?! Pleeeaaaassseeee!

Spring meet Holly fulton; Holly fulton meet spring!

Trundled up to Somerset House for the Holly Fulton show with all the stuff needed for LSrunway team. I was so excited as I hadn't heard much about Holly Fulton and only got a glimpse of the look at the show test.

Wasn't too shocked to see the colourful summer colours however the patterns were amazing, from flowers to geometrics; definitely something I am going to try and mimic in my own wardrobe to make my outfits stands out a little more...#stolenlook.

The ready-to-wear line certainly would easily be worn within the average street style (clothes that we can wear everyday) as long as no one attempted the actual looks created straight from the runway...lets face it, most runway styling is a little over-the-top and is designed to dazzle or even shock and not to be imitated exactly. However, Holly Fulton's line can be easily worn. Whether you're young or older, there's definitely some part of this collection which could be taken and adapted to wear.

My favourite item would have to be the brown leather jacket with cut out pattern- I have to have it! For sure I will stomp my feet until I get it! Going to have to persuade Daddy that it'll be worth the money and I promise to wear it with everything... wink wink nudge nudge hehe...well at least until something new catches my eye.

So I will be looking out for more Holly Fulton next season.. EXCIIIITTTEEEDDD!!!!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Julien mcdonald ss14

Sparkly, flamboyant and dazzling...those are the three words which I associate with Julien McDonald and his collections. Last A/W13 season consisted of sequins galore, in red, gold and other striking colours. For this spring summer14 season, Julien just used gold, silver, white and black. The dresses were beautiful with similarly heavy embroidery as the previous season however, seemed more elegant and graceful than the previous collection. The silhouettes were long and thin and the clothes hugged the body which made me even more envious...I wish I could fit my rather chunky belly into a tight dress but I have a feeling that some people may vomit from seeing my 'vo jiggle jaggle'- these dresses were definitely made for the long and slender. But if you can fit into these dresses then you will surely look stunning.

Make-up was by the legendary Val Garland which was dark and outlined the eyes. Hair was by Martin Cullen (and his team of gorgeous Asian male hairdressers) with the hair pulled back and worn low. And nails were by my boss and nail professional, Liza smith with L'oreal colours which were nude on toes and faint pink on fingers with amazingly sparkly glitter tips on fingers and some toes (oh yes even more glitter and sparkle- Julien does have a desire for it and I'm obsessed).

Tom Ford S/S14

Now this show was hectic! We were squished backstage and keeping an eye on everything felt almost impossible but thanks to my asian genes, I am small and was able to duck and dive past every obstacle/person to make sure I knew what was going on. Oh I do love the pressurized atmosphere of backstage but even better...I love the catering! Needless to say, I would quickly stuff my mouth full and then run round around again. Hmmm yummy!

As for the show, large, impressive, mirrored walls surrounded us and an immediate rush of excitement came over me from being struck by the fabulosity of it all. However, that wasn't even the best bit! From the corner of my eye I spotted Anna Wintour and Colin Firth! Arrrrggghhh!!! I felt like the luckiest girl alive to have been in the same room as them.Oh just wait until I'm rich and fabulous and get invited to the shows just like them.

As for the Tom Ford collection, my first thoughts when the first few models walked out onto the runway...leather during spring/summer? Really? Hmmm looks more like an A/W collection to me. But as more and more models walked out, I saw jewelled and embellished dresses and jumpsuits. Envious much?!?!? And Charlotte Tilbury had done amazing job with the make-up as usual turning the models from plain-janes to fashionaistas. Overall, what a show! Lucky lucky lucky!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

LFW is almost here!!!!!!

So back from holiday and haven't been on my blog for a while. Definitely need to get my pictures of my holiday outfits onto this blog; don't want to have wasted those outfits on the portugese hehe.
As almost everyone knows London Fashion Week starts tomorrow so there are model castings, hair, make-up and nail tests going on so I am finally getting a sneak preview into what's to come. Oh yeh! Lucky or what?!?!?!?
Keep looking out as I will be blogging about a few of the shows which I will be working at like...
Holly Fulton
Marques Almeida
Julien McDonald
Temperly London
Anya Hindmarch
And...........Tom Ford!
Speak soon,

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bodylines salon... busy busy busy!

The calm before the storm which is London Fashion Week, and fashion shows are at a stand still whilst designers prepare for September time. So I have been spending most of my time with my boss, Liza Smith, and frittering in and out of the Salon called Bodylines, which Liza owns and runs.

I get the best of both worlds by having a close insight into the mad fashion shows but also I get to see how a business is run and all the small details which are necessary for a business to work well in today's fast moving and demanding fashion and beauty industry.

There are so many parts to any business just like within Bodylines salon that cannot be ignored; from marketing and customer satisfaction to just keeping the salon immaculately tidy- these all call for a successful business. No wonder Bodylines salon had won the Nail salon of the year2012/2013...along with many other awards.

 Every technician is highly qualified and I am so jealous of the women who can afford to keep returning every week, whether it be for nails, hair or skin treatments- they really are getting the best of the best at Bodylines!
If only everyone knew about just how amazing the high standards of work produced at this salon...although it's already extremely busy and working there has made me realise just how popular it has and is still becoming. Trying to get appointments is getting harder and harder. I am wondering how long it will take before the salon is in such high demand that more expansion is needed...or maybe even a franchise! Ooh one can dream! Definitely wish I could find the salons technical knowledge and experience in my university town of Aberdeen; for now I guess I will just have to keep returning to my little home town to beautify myself.

With the amount of awards won, not only by the salon but by it's employees, and along with the ever-growing popularity, it could be said that Bodylines has been so very humble about its achievements so far, which is so refreshing to see within this competitive environment but due to popularity, I don't think Bodylines will be able to stay humble or quiet for long. Positive Word of mouth definitely is the best form of marketing for Bodylines right now. I have high hopes that it continues...

Glorious goodwood races!!!

Had so much fuss leading up to the big day; what to wear was my main worry and focus. Letters and leaflets in the post had stated that there was a dress code which needed to be followed and it made me panic. I didn't want to look like the odd girl in amongst the crowds of pretty dresses and suits. The day before and I rushed and bought a maxi lace black dress which just fit and hid the appropriate parts of my chunky body; not the most sunny or show-stopping dress but I thought 'what the heck,' it will just have to do.

Arrived at the races and didn't feel out of place at fact, I was amazed to see so many people dressed in jeans and polo t-shirts- just too casual for my liking. We were also in the Gordon enclosure which meant that formal attire was mandatory. Mandatory my a**e! All my worries and trouble just for one day when no one would have noticed if I had turned up casual.

Besides the casual people, there were so many people dressed beautifully; from three piece suits worn by the men and lovely colourful dresses and fascinators worn by the fabulous women. Such a contrast in dress wear; so odd.

Overall the day was eye opening and I definitely have a better idea of what to wear next time; no longer will I panic. I made one bet the whole day and unfortunately didn't win a penny...guess I only really went for the pimms, champagne and to get a look at the clothing. So much fun! Definitely worth going again!

Love B xXx

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Julien Macdonald and Melissa Odabash swimwear collaboration

I stepped through the doors if the ME Hotel in London and was overwhelmed by the luxury of white leather chairs, black marble walls and metal sculptures floating down the center of the reception and bar area; I knew straight away that this Fashion show was going to be exclusive. 

Same as usual on a show day; the preparation rooms are packed with hair, make-up and nail artists all ready for the dash to be ready for call-time when the models have to run out onto the catwalk; I went along with the LizaSmith Nail runway team so I felt the rush when time began ticking. 

Present backstage getting ready were all the models plus Rosie Fortescue, Mollie King, Zara Martin and Dionne Bromfield who were also modeling within this show. 

Top left: Rosie Fortescue and the make up for the show. middle left: Mollie King. Center: the Liza Smith runway team. Top middle: Dionne Bromfield's amazingly natural lovely nails. Top right: beautiful model. bottom right: models and clothing.

The catwalk was held on the top of the ME Hotel where the models walked around the bar and then walked outside onto the terrace; definitely a more interesting walk rather than the traditional straight walk down and turn around. 

The swimwear obviously included binikis and swimsuits but also revealed long floating kaftans and elegant dresses. Obviously the swimwear was designed not to be worn within water due to the sparkling sequins and gold and silver metal plating; no one would want that kind of beautiful detailing to ever be ruined! This collection really showed what to wear when trying to impress when lying in the sun. The colours, materials and sparkles would make any man take a second glance at a woman passing by! 


                                     I know what's on my list of items to buy for the holidays.
                                                                            Love B xXx

Charlotte Tilbury's Rock 'n' Kohl

Charlotte Tilbury's Rock'n'Kohl Beauty festival began on the 18th of June and lasted a week long at Selfridges in London. It celebrated all of the success which Charlotte Tilbury has undergone being one of the world's top make-up artists. Everyday consisted of new exciting treatments and activities for the public and in the early evening, a chat on the Lipstick sofa was held between Charlotte and her many guests such as Alice Temperley and many other stars of the fashion industry. 

A few snaps from the nail and mak-up day. top left: Wall of fame photos taken from a photobooth. Top right: make up stand. Bottom left: the Lorraine Griffin nail team and the Lipstick sofa for guest speakers. Bottom right: tilbury walkway into the rock'n'kohl.

I was so fortunate that I was asked to help out for one of the days assisting Lorraine Griffin, one of the world's top nail session artists, as Charlotte offered free mini manicures and make-up to the public at the Rock'n'kohl festival. It was so exciting seeing Charlotte's previous work hanging from the walls of the festival; jealousy sprung to mind when looking at the success she has created for herself working with so many other successful people within the industry. It was truly inspiring! 

Charlotte Tilbury and Cara Delevigne photographed at the photo-booth at the festival.
Absolutely beautiful women! (photo taken from

The Rock 'n' Kohl festival was set up with a team of make-up artists who were lined up and ready with their brushes and eyeliner and Lorraine Griffin's nail team were also poised for action when the flood of customers came in from their shopping sprees. It felt so exclusive yet, I couldn't believe that the event was open to the public! Wasn't everyone so lucky?

Literally loved this event, will be stored in my memory for a long time.
                                                                     Love B xXx