Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Anya Hindmarch...out of this world

The entire show was based around the theme 'out of this world'. So many things sprung to mind but i just imagined the usual runway routine, where models reveal the clothes and their own amazing beauty, and then left the stage and I expected to, perhaps, yawn a few times...I was completely wrong!

This wasn't just a runway show; it was an entire production handled very skillfully by the amazing INCA production company. Tiny lights sparkled off the walls like stars at night and large spheres were suspended from the ceilings with digital images of bags and planets projected onto was so fun and I felt like a child at Disneyland.

Then bags came from the ceilings revealing more of Anya's beautiful work but it was the finale which took my breath away. The last two models walked out and suddenly flew into the sky and caught metallic crisp packet looking bags which were suspended in mid air (obviously not fly for real but attached to rope as humans cannot really fly!!!) Made me wish my mother would have pushed me to do some sort of acrobatic sport as a child so that I could have been the envy of everyone watching.

As for the bags, there were colours of blue, orange, and white mixed with snake skin and bags shaped as spheres with swirly patterns on them so they imitated small planets. Though the metallic crisp packet bag was my favourite; Anya Hindmarch had even collaborated with Walkers crisps to create her own personal crisp packets!

This show has definitely made a big impression in my mind. Best show I've seen eveeeeerrrr!!!

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