Thursday, 3 October 2013

Temperley S/S14

Had been earlier to the test and hadn't seen any of the collection so my anticipation had been growing and growing and I was about to expolde! The show was held at the Savoy so to me, who knew that the Savoy was one of the best hotels in London, I had been jumping and clapping to myself when I realised I had the opportunity to work backstage there- oh the lifestyles of the rich and famous! I knew that this show would be truly glamorous.

I walked into the large room designated for backstage which had enough room to cartwheel in several times, and I had to contain my excitement. It was exciting enough that I was at the Savoy, but there were also touch screen remotes embedded in the walls; no idea what they were for but could have played around with them if it not for my boss glaring at me in disapproval. I mean why were they not covered and protected if I couldn't touch them? Something tells me I would have been allowed to have just little play, hehe.

Now, this is a collection which left me 'oohing' and 'ahhhhing'. The models were so pretty and sweet in the dresses which were covered in light floral and simple animal print in colours of  pink, lilac and white. I thought 'what an odd combination of prints to mix' but they looked so beautiful that I think I'm going to attempt to copy and see if I can pull it off along the high street. Wonder if I'll get some strange looks.

As for the hair, it was up and twisted and turned and flipped...way too complicated for me to explain. I'm no professional hairdresser. And nails were again nude...I swear designers love the nude shades of nails. And make up defined the eye sockets and had hints of lilac with lots of mascara which only emphasized the models beauty with fresh glowing skin. Definitely think I will try and sneak in a quick make over at the end of the next show...yeh right, if I'm lucky.

Oh Alice Temperley, just be my best friend and make clothes for me!?!?!?! Pleeeaaaassseeee!

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