Friday, 13 December 2013

Behind the scenes at Trend Magazine

Have been interning with Trend Magazine Aberdeen for a little while now. Had been feeling out of the Fashion loop and needed to get stuck back in and Trend was the way to go.

It's about Fashion and Modern Living within Aberdeen, generally the way I wish I could live if I wasn't a student and had more money to spend lavishly.

I had previously done the Style File and trend page which was a lot of fun; seeing my own name in a published magazine really felt like an accomplishment being only a student.

And today was my first photoshoot with Trend; so calm, casual and chatty in comparison to previous shoots I had been on. No stress and worry; how utterly fabulous.

And the clothes; just holding brand new designer clothes makes me weak at the knees. I just imagine they are mine for a few hours; feels a shame to let them go.

Couldn't show any outfits or model shots as I can't risk showing any shoots before the next bi-monthly issue has even been released. But here's the team photo, photographer Louise Carnegie bottom left and the latest Trend magazine. Run out to shops and pick one up; it's definitely worth a read.

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