Thursday, 18 July 2013

Julien Macdonald and Melissa Odabash swimwear collaboration

I stepped through the doors if the ME Hotel in London and was overwhelmed by the luxury of white leather chairs, black marble walls and metal sculptures floating down the center of the reception and bar area; I knew straight away that this Fashion show was going to be exclusive. 

Same as usual on a show day; the preparation rooms are packed with hair, make-up and nail artists all ready for the dash to be ready for call-time when the models have to run out onto the catwalk; I went along with the LizaSmith Nail runway team so I felt the rush when time began ticking. 

Present backstage getting ready were all the models plus Rosie Fortescue, Mollie King, Zara Martin and Dionne Bromfield who were also modeling within this show. 

Top left: Rosie Fortescue and the make up for the show. middle left: Mollie King. Center: the Liza Smith runway team. Top middle: Dionne Bromfield's amazingly natural lovely nails. Top right: beautiful model. bottom right: models and clothing.

The catwalk was held on the top of the ME Hotel where the models walked around the bar and then walked outside onto the terrace; definitely a more interesting walk rather than the traditional straight walk down and turn around. 

The swimwear obviously included binikis and swimsuits but also revealed long floating kaftans and elegant dresses. Obviously the swimwear was designed not to be worn within water due to the sparkling sequins and gold and silver metal plating; no one would want that kind of beautiful detailing to ever be ruined! This collection really showed what to wear when trying to impress when lying in the sun. The colours, materials and sparkles would make any man take a second glance at a woman passing by! 


                                     I know what's on my list of items to buy for the holidays.
                                                                            Love B xXx

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