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Bluewater European Fashion Show! 23rd May

When I returned home for the summer, I had decided to take some time to relax and make sure that the stress of work and university would dissipate the longer I relaxed. 

Little did I know that one of my younger sister, called Teichin, was about to become a stylist for the fashion show held at Bluewater (Europe's biggest shopping center). It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I was fortunate enough to be asked to help her out considering my own experience with fashion. I made sure the day was documented for those who missed it. 

The Learning shop, which is an on site (at Bluewater) training and recruitment center, who were responsible for holding the show allowed its students to chose to be stylists, visual merchandisers or designers and actually create their own outfits. 

For the students styled for the show, European designer retail brands such as Gap, Desigual, Swatch, LK Bennett, Radley, TM Lewin and Wallis provided the stylists with the clothing. 
Many amazing looks came from each of the students. The Wallis collection was a personal favourite of mine, styled by Kerry-Anne O'Flaherty, which gave Wallis a highly sophisticated and elegant look which I had never really seen before with this brand; if I had the same fashionable and creative mind as Kerry-Anne, I would definitely rethink shopping at Wallis for this look. 

Kerry-Anne in the middle in a peach dress surrounded by her models in Wallis clothing

Not to be completely biased because Teichin is my sister, but her own styling of the new Gap summer wear was also a plus for me. In my mind, I had always thought of Gap as quite simplistic and plain. However, Teichin had managed to add her own twist with pops of colour and patterns combined with the plain and simple, making the overall look playful and fun but also quite laid back and effortless with key items, such as clutch bags. It really felt like summer had arrived for Gap. 

GAP clothing styled by Teichin Smith

She also styled Desigual, a Spanish retail brand which is fun and innovative which focuses highly on a mix of different exotic summer patterns to create this brand image as seen below. Desigual has such a unique look that it meant that Teichin had to maintain this look in order for the brand to be represented as they wanted; I was routing for her as I felt this look was hard to mimic but she definitely pulled it off! Congrats to her!

Desigual clothing collection with Teichin (stylist) in the middle in blue and turquoise zig zag top 

As for the students who created their own looks, creativity was just flying off of the catwalk with new innovative ideas which have never been seen before. The European look had to be kept in mind when designing and all designers made such a significant and individual impact.

My most loved and memorable designer look, came from Florence Ederidge (or 'Flo' for short). This quirky look was inspired by European food but combined elements of the hipster look to make it upbeat, fun and wearable within the teens and youngster of this generation. Flo is the definition of 'cool' with her artistic mind; fashion and art really are the same thing here. 

Flo in the middle of her hipster and food inspired look.
As for the other looks, below are a few snips of the show and other stylists and designer looks from the show. Take a peak, it's worth looking at! 

Me (Miss B) and sister Teichin

Swatch watches

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TM Lewin styled by Natalie Martin

TM Lewin styled by Natalie Martin

TM Lewin styled by Natalie Martin

Swatch watch

Overall the day was a success with many promising futures for the students who took part. . Many thanks to Sarah Cobb who organised every little detail including the singers and performers from the North west Kent college along with all the Hair dressers and make-up artists who models look absolutely amazing. 
                                                        I was so lucky to be involved. 
                                                                       Love B xXx

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