Thursday, 18 July 2013

Blog with B...that's me!

Firstly, let me tell you a little about me. 

I am  a Fashion Management student and am also a PA (personal assistant) to one of the UK's best nail artists, Liza Smith, who provides me with the opportunity to be involved backstage at some of the best fashion events looking at, not only the clothing, but also how the industry works behind closed doors. 

Life has been hectic since I started university in September 2012 and my life just seems to live and breathe fashion. My university course has meant that everyday I learn more and more about fashion and am constantly thinking of clothes; not good for me as it's always reminding me that I want new and expensive clothing which I definitely cannot afford! 

But it's my job which has put stars in my eyes; I am besotted with the Fashion world and it only makes me more determined than ever, to be involved within this wonderful, fabulous and chaotic industry. When I turn the pages of British Vogue and see the most elegant and fashionable women with the best wardrobes and most expensive luxurious clothing; I am jealous! With all of this around me, surely it's a sign that one day, it will all be mine...if I work really hard and manage to gain a lot of luck! fingers crossed for the future!!!

Love B xXx

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