Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Glorious goodwood races!!!

Had so much fuss leading up to the big day; what to wear was my main worry and focus. Letters and leaflets in the post had stated that there was a dress code which needed to be followed and it made me panic. I didn't want to look like the odd girl in amongst the crowds of pretty dresses and suits. The day before and I rushed and bought a maxi lace black dress which just fit and hid the appropriate parts of my chunky body; not the most sunny or show-stopping dress but I thought 'what the heck,' it will just have to do.

Arrived at the races and didn't feel out of place at fact, I was amazed to see so many people dressed in jeans and polo t-shirts- just too casual for my liking. We were also in the Gordon enclosure which meant that formal attire was mandatory. Mandatory my a**e! All my worries and trouble just for one day when no one would have noticed if I had turned up casual.

Besides the casual people, there were so many people dressed beautifully; from three piece suits worn by the men and lovely colourful dresses and fascinators worn by the fabulous women. Such a contrast in dress wear; so odd.

Overall the day was eye opening and I definitely have a better idea of what to wear next time; no longer will I panic. I made one bet the whole day and unfortunately didn't win a penny...guess I only really went for the pimms, champagne and to get a look at the clothing. So much fun! Definitely worth going again!

Love B xXx

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