Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bodylines salon... busy busy busy!

The calm before the storm which is London Fashion Week, and fashion shows are at a stand still whilst designers prepare for September time. So I have been spending most of my time with my boss, Liza Smith, and frittering in and out of the Salon called Bodylines, which Liza owns and runs.

I get the best of both worlds by having a close insight into the mad fashion shows but also I get to see how a business is run and all the small details which are necessary for a business to work well in today's fast moving and demanding fashion and beauty industry.

There are so many parts to any business just like within Bodylines salon that cannot be ignored; from marketing and customer satisfaction to just keeping the salon immaculately tidy- these all call for a successful business. No wonder Bodylines salon had won the Nail salon of the year2012/2013...along with many other awards.

 Every technician is highly qualified and I am so jealous of the women who can afford to keep returning every week, whether it be for nails, hair or skin treatments- they really are getting the best of the best at Bodylines!
If only everyone knew about just how amazing the high standards of work produced at this salon...although it's already extremely busy and working there has made me realise just how popular it has and is still becoming. Trying to get appointments is getting harder and harder. I am wondering how long it will take before the salon is in such high demand that more expansion is needed...or maybe even a franchise! Ooh one can dream! Definitely wish I could find the salons technical knowledge and experience in my university town of Aberdeen; for now I guess I will just have to keep returning to my little home town to beautify myself.

With the amount of awards won, not only by the salon but by it's employees, and along with the ever-growing popularity, it could be said that Bodylines has been so very humble about its achievements so far, which is so refreshing to see within this competitive environment but due to popularity, I don't think Bodylines will be able to stay humble or quiet for long. Positive Word of mouth definitely is the best form of marketing for Bodylines right now. I have high hopes that it continues...

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